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Fear and Sorcery by Debochira
Fear and Sorcery
This is a marvelous picture drawn by :iconz-raid: and involves my character Baetananothel (the one with the scythe) and my friend :iconnualagale:'s character Eryll (the one with the throwing knives) gearing up for battle against some cronies! A djinn who controls Fear and a sorceress with power undreamed, what a team!

A huge thank you to Z-Raid and a huge thank you to Nuala Gale for being the best and creative and benevolently challenging roleplayer ever!
Fi - Twilight Realm by Debochira
Fi - Twilight Realm
Baboom! I was planning on doing this from the beginning but Ghirafi was easier, so I did that first.

This was a complicated picture to do for just coloring someone else's line art. Had to find an image of a Twilight Realm Sol, rotate it so the center circle was facing the correct way, shrink it to the two appropriate sizes of forehead and chest, then remove the chest gem and stick the Sol there. Then I drew on the scripture on her legs and very obviously got lazy when it came to Midna's sigil (which I headcanon as being the crest of the royal family).

Still, I had fun doing this image. Thanks to :iconz-raid: for the lineart:…

And yeah, Fi's not supposed to have that much detail in her face, but sue me.


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Big Zelda fan, followed by God of War, Dead Space, Halo, etc.

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Meme created by :iconevanescence412: at Pairing Interview Journal Meme Blank

1) Introduce your pairing!

"Er... Hi, I'm Zach," he said.
"And I'm Midna," she said. "I'm the Twilight Princess and he's... some schmuck."

2) So… how did you two meet?
Zach chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "Heh, that's a funny story."
"We met in prison," Midna said cheekily. "I rode him all day and then some."
"I'd like to clarify that she rode me like one would a horse, not... not that."

3) Who initiated the relationship and how?
Midna hummed in thought. "Hmm, nobody really initiated it, it just... it just happened."
"It started after we beat the Lakebed Temple," Zach said. "That's my recollection, anyway."
"Yeah," she said with a nod. "Yeah, that's around when it started. He saved my life."

4) Interesting! What was your first kiss with each other like?
"Heh, weeeeeell..." The Twilian scratched her cheek. "Technically, our first kiss was while we were underwater trying to find the old Zora's Domain."
Zach sighed and leaned into his seat. "Yeah, the tunnel was really long and I was running out of air."
"So I used an air spell to give him some oxygen, but I had to do it with a perfect seal, and what seal is better than locked lips?"
"To sum up; just business, no romance."
Midna smirked and patted Zach's hand. "Now, our real first kiss... that was amazing."
He nodded and said, "It was when I tried to take the Master Sword the first time. I couldn't do it, so I started to leave when Midna stopped me."
"As thanks for saving my life," she added, "I gave him a nice, big, wet one. A bit of tongue, a lot of moaning, and a few tears. ... I was still shaken up about what happened."

5) Aww! What do you find most attractive about each other, not just in the physical appearance department?
"Well," Zach started with a chuckle. "I find her personality very strong and spunky. I like that, I guess."
Midna nudged him playfully. "To say nothing of my looks."
He shrugged and said, "That's a given. You're smart, witty, and brave. That's rare nowadays."
"Cynicism aside," the Twilian said, "I do love his sense of humor. He makes me laugh and I appreciate that, especially after a day of fighting monsters."

6) Would you say you're in love?
Midna smiled and scooted closer to Zach. "Yes, definitely," she said. "It took us a while to get there, but yes."

7) How sweet! How comfortable are you with one another?
"When you're out adventuring," Zach replied, "there comes a time when you have to put aside your discomfort and do what you have to to survive."
Midna nodded and said, "We've cuddled, we've tended to each other's wounds, we've saved each other from the brink of death. There's hardly anything that makes us uncomfortable with each other now."
"Unless I do something stupid."
"Well, duh."

7) Who would you say "Wears the pants" in the relationship?
They both looked at each other in confusion. "Uhh, I would say that I wear the pants," Zach said slowly.
"Yeah, mostly," Midna agreed. "I... I guess we switch every now and then, but most of the time, Zach calls the shots."

8) What are some things you admire about your partner?
"I admire Midna's determination," Zach said. "She's not a quitter and she'll do the best she can."
The Twilian smiled. "Likewise for Zach, but I also like his charm and humor."

9) Compatibility is important in a relationship, so how are you alike in some ways? 
"We're both sarcastic," Midna said. She leaned back in her seat and sighed comfortably. "We're both fairly down-to-Earth people."
"We also have similar tastes in music and food," Zach added. "For the most part, anyway."

10) That's cool! Now, how are you two different from each other in personality? 
"Midna is much more, ah, passionate," he answered. "She's the kind of girl who could give a rousing speech about anything and it would work."
Midna nodded and said, "Zach is much more cynical than I am. He's also kind of a know-it-all."
"That is true."

11) What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done with each other? 
Midna stared at the interviewer, aghast at the question. "That is private," she hissed. "We consummated our love privately, not for prying eyes!" She paused for a moment and then sighed. "Let's just say my magic hair can be very... creative."
Zach, his face beet red, said nothing.

12) Ooh, how dirty! Now time for brutal honesty, what do you like the least about each other? No one is perfect, after all!
Relieved to have a better question, Zach said, "I don't like Midna's bossiness. It never really went away. Once a princess, always a princess."
"That's true," she said with a nod. "I don't like Zach's pessimism. Even after his moods improved, he still doesn't think on the brighter side most of the time."

13) Ouch, that has to sting! What do you usually argue about? 
"Our last argument..." Zach scratched his chin. "I think that was about whether to take Fi camping, wasn't it?"
Midna nodded. "It was a week or so after we left Hyrule and Fi wanted to go camping. I figured, sure, why not, but Zach..."
"I was more practical and pointed out that we had been doing nothing but camping for the last few months," he said. "Eventually, Midna convinced me, and we took Fi camping."

14) Have your arguments ever gotten violent?
Midna giggled impishly and nodded. "Sure have! It only happened once, but when we first met, we absolutely could not stand each other."
"I was bitter and sarcastic, she was bossy and controlling," Zach said. "Right after we got all the light tears for Faron, and I got to be human again, our stress escalated until, while she was poking me, I pushed her into a shelf."
"Got covered in flour and jam," the Twilian said. "Then we had a really bad fight that left us both with broken bones and minor blood loss, but I won."
Zach sighed. "Yes, you won, and you haven't let me forget it ever since."
"That's right!"

15) How do you usually make up after a fight?
"I either turn him into a wolf if it's his fault," Midna said, "or... Ahem, you don't need to know that."
Zach smirked slightly and said, "The bed's broken more than a few times, I'll tell you that."

16) Have you met each other's family, yet? If yes, then how do you feel about them?
Zach shuddered. "Yeah, I've met Midna's parents. King and Queen of the Twilight Realm, and they're really great. It probably would have been better if they weren't Shadow Beasts, but..."
"As for his parents," Midna said, "they're... okay. There's a lot of tension between Zach and them and I'm not really sure who to side with, so I usually stay out of it. Truth be told, I've never met his father."
"He passed away the day I came back," he said quietly.
The Twilian squeezed his hand comfortingly. "It's been a rough month for us."

17) Is there anyone who disapproves of your relationship?
"Unless you count fans who are against original characters with canon characters, no," Zach said.
Midna looked about to say something but quickly refrained.

18) Oh. That being said, do you have anyone who does support your relationship?
Midna nodded. "My parents approve, and why wouldn't they? The Hero of Twilight and the Twilight Princess make a good couple, no?"
"Din, Nayru, and Farore also show support," Zach said.

19) That's nice! Do you eventually plan to get married and/or start a family?
"Err..." Zach rubbed the back of his neck. "We're, um, holding off on marriage for the time being."
Midna sighed and tucked some hair behind her ear. "We certainly want to. We're practically engaged. The problem is... well, we know there's going to be a few more times we need to risk our lives to save the world, so we thought it'd be more practical to wait until it's over. Something to look forward to, y'know?"
"As for family," he said, "that's also a bit of an issue. See, we're technically not the same species, so our genetics aren't... aren't compatible."
The Twilian nodded. "I'm also infertile, so there's that. We may consider adoption in the future, though."

20) What would you do if the other was killed?
The silence was deafening.
"We don't like to talk about that," Midna said while massaging her neck. "But since you asked... we'd probably try to avenge it if it was murder. If it was a car accident or natural illness or something..."
"I'd have a hard time coping," Zach finished. "It would be very difficult, since we've been through so much together, but I think we'd recover in time. A lot of time."

21) What would most likely cause you two to end your relationship?
"Zach becoming a villain," Midna answered quietly. "That's my only dealbreaker."
He nodded sympathetically and patted her knee. "We're very sensitive about murder and whatnot. I don't think I'd end it no matter what. I'm stubborn like that."

22) Everyone has insecurity about infidelity, so how would you react if the other cheated?
"I'd be very angry and punish him for it," Midna said. "However, I would see his side of the story first so I can determine if it was consensual or not."
"Likewise," he said. "But I trust Midna. She's sexy and vivacious but the loyalest person I've ever met."

23) Ah... while we're on the subject, who is most likely to get jealous or possessive? 
"We both do that," Zach said. "We both had wanted someone to love for a long time, and now that we have that, we're afraid of it being taken away from us."
"Plus, with his wolfish instincts and my old habits as a princess, we're very territorial. It hasn't come in the way of being friends with others, but we're far from perfect in that regard."

24) What do you think makes your relationship seems so interesting?
Midna smiled faintly. "It's a classic love story. The hero and the princess. Classic, but also fresh since our personalities are not what you would consider classical."
"I agree. I also think it's interesting because of our shared experiences," Zach said. "We've been through things that no one else could even imagine. We've seen each other at the worst and we've helped each other through hard times and depression and all that."

25) Last question, would you say you care enough about each other to save the other from impending doom, even if it cost you your own life? 
Both nodded instantly. "Yes," Zach said. "In fact, it happens pretty often."
"It's our go-to reaction," Midna explained. "I did die while saving him and Queen Zelda. Or almost died. My neck was broken, that's as close as you get."
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